Realtime Question Answer Template

A realtime question answer system for classes, workshops, seminars & conferences.

It is a simple, yet powerful Questions/Answers platform Build with native php, mysql, css , javascript and pusher.

It is a powerful PHP script designed to create premium question answer system or feedback system. It’s powered by PHP/MySQL and it has many cool features.

You can use this script to build your own question answer system or to integrate it into an existing system.

As presenter, the application allow you:

1. Start a new chat session by providing your name, your email and your presentation title.

2. Interact with users

3. Answer users questions in realtime

4. Vote users questions in realtime. Below is a question on the presenter's dashboard, complete with vote count.

As attendee, you can:

1. Join a room using its ID.

2. Ask a question once in the chat room. Below is a question asked and seen by an attendee

Features include:

  • Installer script available! get your script up and running in your current site in a matter of seconds without editing files or databases.
  • Realtime Chat: users (presenters and attendees) can now chat using our cool chat system.
  • Simple lightweight script written from scratch without using any readymade php scripts.
  • Script coded right with valid CSS and responsive with every small detail taken care of to ensure good looking site on any screen size.
  • Script is well documented and our helpdesk support team are here to assist you 24/7
  • PHP >= 5.6 is required, script may not work on older PHP versions
  • MySQL 4.x or MySQL 5.x

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