Complete Pharmacy Management Application

Complete Pharmacy Management Application is a fully functional and easy-to-use sales and stock inventory management system which is developed with PHP and MySQL database. It integrates a built-in point of sale system and an easy Admin panel that allows you to manage your sales, your inventory and your customers. It can be used by pharmacy retail stores  and pharmacy wholesale stores. It comes with several management modules that are easy to customize for your pharmacy business.

  1. Inventory management
  2. Sales management
  3. Employees management
  4. Suppliers management
  5. Categories management
  6. Products management
  7. Expenses management
  8. Customers management
  9. Orders management
  10. Stock management
  11. Sales reporting system
  12. Complete source code with full database script
  13. Free Installation (Fee apply for customization)

Demo Pharmacist / Seller:
  • Seller access link:
  • Seller username: cesa
  • Seller password: Ces@2018$

Demo Admin:
  • Admin access link:
  • Admin username: admin
  • Admin password: admin

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